Data Protection Policy

We are pleased that you visit our website and that you for your interest in our porducts. The protection of your privacy during the use of our website is important to us. Please take therefore note of the following information:

 1. Coverage
This data protection policy applies in addition to all terms and conditions of FWF Fechtwelt GmbH. This data protection policy only applies our our website. If you are forwarded to other websites through links on our site, please inform yourself there about the way your data is handled.

 2. Transmission security
Despite all efforts it is not possible to provide a complete protection from a third party accessing data during data transmission (e.g. per emails or contact forms).

 3. Unsolicited adverts and spam-mails
We hereby explicitly object to a third party use of our contact data, published in accordance with the legal information obligation, for the purpose of sending us adverts and information material. We reserve the right to start legal proceedings if we receive unsolicited adverts, for example in form of spam mails.

 4. Personal data
We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and adhere strictly to the rules of data protection laws. We therefore only collect personal data our this website in a technically necessary scope. The data will not be sold or for any other reason passed on to a third party.

In order to process your orders we naturally collect and store the information that you entered on our website ot transmitted to us in any other way. If you completely fill in our contact, we collect your email address, your phone number, your name, your country and your message to use. The disclosure of this information is voluntary and will not be made accessible to any third party.

5. Further information
We are happy to provide further information about the use of your personal data. If have any open questions after having read this data protection policy please email us at

 6. Cookies
We use cookies in order to make our website more convenient to use. A cookie is a small text file which stores for example the start and end of a session, the IP address, date and time, the User-Agent-String transmitted by the browser, the pages visited during the session and search strings. You can prevent the storage of cookies by selecting “block cookies” in our browser settings. However, this could reduce the function of our offers.