About us

Our company FWF Fechtwelt GmbH was founded in 2005. Products of the Karl Rolser GmbH Germany, who has produced fencing equipment for over 45 years, form a big part of our range of products.

Our target is to produce and sell predominantly goods made in Germany and EU. Our main focus is to offer best quality and a good price-performance ratio. We are innovative and constantly work on improving and adapting our products even better to the fencers’ needs.

Our products are tested and certified according to the regulations set by the CE and FIE (ITV Denkendorf). Our practical tests are performed and supervised by experienced fencing masters. This is the only way to achieve the high quality standard that we offer our clients. Continuous checks already during production ascertain our high quality standard. Continuous checks of our products assure our high quality standards.

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Our range of 800N and 350N fencing clothing is made exclusively from fully elastic fabrics. It stands out with it perfect fit. The design pattern has been chosen in a way to allow maximum freedom of movement. The fencing jackets have a fully elastic cotton lining and are hence very comfortable as the skin does not touch the technical fibres.

For our fencing pants we use knitted cuffs as these adapt perfectly to the leg and don’t wear out.

Our sizes are adapted to regular confection sizes which makes it easy for our customers to match their personal fencing suit.

In order for the fully elastic fencing suit to make sense, our plastrons are subsequently also made from fully elastic materials. The use of a skin-friendly mesh lining prevents heat from building up under the clothing. The outer fabric does not shink when being washed. Our plastrons cover the complete chest area and back - hence reaching beyond the width required by the FIE.

We have chosen a very soft and hardwearing brocade for our lames. This results in a high wearing comfort and a long life cycle.

In addition to that we have worked innovatively on the development of our gloves. The perfect fit and anti-slip palms allow the weapon to lay safely in the hand. We use fully elastic Spanntex materials and also finest lamb nappa leather.

Bags and rollbags are made from high quality durable fabrics. In order to meet our high demands on quality, only the best zips and skater wheels are used which can be changed with no problems if need be. Naturally, the bags and rollbags are manufactured in Germany.

Our mask frames are made from high quality steel and stainless steel mesh (V2A). Continuous tests by accredited testing institutes guarantee our masks a hightest standard of quality and safety. The inner lining of our mask bibs is made from skin friendly high quality cotton fabric.

Of course all our points, barrels and tips are FIE certified.

Our FWF-cable reel is set apart from others by its excellent stability. Through the use of a maintenance free contact the cable reel is always ready to use and technically up to date. We also use special Kevlar cables to reduce wear-and-tear. The cast aluminium housing is sturdy and guarantees with its weight a good stability on the piste.

Our testing materials are produced using high-tech machinery. The precision and reliability of the testing materials is guaranteed by the use of special materials, so that the fencer can still accurately adjust their weapon even after years of use.

Of course, our masks, cable reels, points, guards, wires, testing materials and all small parts
are manufactured by the Karl Rolser GmbH in Germany.